The day I started to hear the planes again.

The quiet days of London come to an end as the mysterious ash cloud vanishes from the European air space. The blue sky of spring is lined with white stripes of kerosene and I suddenly realised the sound of landing aeroplanes.

Three days ago I spoke to my mother on the phone, and she asked me if it wasn’t very quiet in London now, without the planes. I replied saying that it didn’t make a difference, adding that there is a continuos sound of the city surrounding you in London anyway.

However, today that the air traffic has almost got back to normal I am actively hearing every single plane above me. – Having lived in London for the best part of the past decade, the sound of the city has become part of my life in a way that it doesn’t affect me very much. I wander for how long I will be hearing the planes until they become part of my ‘natural’ surrounding again.


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